Bodysex Certification Program
Application Questions

Date of Application:



Complete Mailing Address (street address, city, state, zip code, country):


Have you taken at least one Bodysex workshop(s)?
If answered no, your application will be pending until after your take your first workshop and notify a BAD Board member via email.

When did you take your workshop(s)?

What kind of Bodysex Workshop (virtual or in-person)?

Who was your workshop Bodysex facilitator?

Describe your masturbation practice and orgasm.

Why do you want to become a certified Bodysex facilitator?

What is your vision for working as a Bodysex facilitator?

What personal qualities do you possess that will enable you to succeed as a Bodysex facilitator?

Are you in agreement with the following?

    • Sexual pleasure and independent orgasm is a fundamental human right.
      It is the source of life and creativity.
    • Masturbation is the foundation of all human sexuality.
    • The clitoris is a woman’s primary sensory sex organ.
    • All women can orgasm with the right support, education and stimulation.
    • Every woman is the expert of her own body.
    • Pleasure is healing and a part of self-care.

Is there anything else that you’d like us to know about you?