Bodysex Certification Requirements

It may take one to three years to complete all the steps in this process.

We recommend that candidates spend a minimum of one year working toward certification. While some candidates may want to start leading Bodysex Workshops as soon as possible, the certification process is one that requires personal growth. It is best to take time for contemplation and self-reflection as you study the materials. You will have more to give to your prospective clients if you have taken the time to fill yourself first.

If you need more than three years to complete the process, time may be extended with approval from the BAD Board, or a candidate may reapply when ready. The deadline is intended to help candidates stay on track and move forward to complete the work.

Certification Checklist

Attend at least one Bodysex Workshop before submitting application
Complete the application process
Write and submit your sex essay
Read recommended articles by Betty and Carlin on
Participate in Study Group (12 months)
Read/listen to all recommended books
Listen to recommended podcasts on Soundcloud
Watch recommended videos on YouTube
Watch and listen to all premium content on D&R website
Attend certification workshop (in-person or virtual)
We recommend that you attend a workshop in person before facilitating a workshop in person
Donate a total of $3000 to the Betty A. Dodson Foundation
o $500 with application
o $1000 subscription for premium content on D&R
o $1500 with Study Group
Write and submit your thesis
Conversation with Carlin and the BAD Foundation Board members
Approval of certification by the BAD Foundation Board members