About Betty Dodson

August 24, 1929 to October 31, 2020

About Betty, in her own words:

I like to think of myself as your “BAD” Aunt Betty.  “Betty Anne Dodson” is my full name; hence, “BAD” Aunt Betty and “BAD” Media LLC.

I’m an artist, author, and PhD sexologist and I’ve been one of the principal voices for women’s sexual pleasure and health for over three decades.  Carlin and I relaunched our bodysex workshops (we hold 3 in the Fall and 3 in the Spring) and I continue to do my private sessions with women which is a bodysex workshop for one.

I had the first one-woman show of erotic art in ’68 in nyc followed by three others – I produced and presented the first feminist slide show of vulvas at the 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference here in New York where I introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device. For 25 years, I ran my Bodysex workshops.

My first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove (’74) became a feminist classic. Sex for One (’87) sold over a million copies. Orgasms for Two (’02) is all about how to have an orgasm during partnersex. My Sistine Chapel is my memoir Sex By Design. It’s my life story and details my experiences during America’s Sexual Revolution, the women’s movement and my feminist sexual activism.

Fashion Betty 1955

Betty & Bessie 1968

Betty in her Studio

Writing Liberating Mastubation

NOW Sexuality Conference

Betty 1980

Photo in Ms Magazine

S&M Betty 1980's

Betty at Fire Island

Betty & Carlin 2010

Betty on Goop 2019

Betty at age 91

Last photo shoot and interview with the New York Times 2020