The Bodysex Leadership Program

Develop skills to facilitate Bodysex Workshops

Tuition: $6000 USD


The Bodysex Leadership Program will give you the skills and confidence that you need to hold space and support women in a Bodysex circle as well as coach individual women using the Betty Dodson Method.

“Know that it’s more than just a program – it’s a personal journey.
With each circle and client, you will grow and become a better version of yourself.

It is work to become a fully sexual woman. It is work to become a Bodysex Leader. Supporting women to fully move into pleasure – into themselves – will fill your heart with joy, give you a sense of purpose, and make you fucking happy.”

~Carlin Ross

Who is this course for?

Women who want to facilitate workshops and coach women using the Betty Dodson Method

Women who have completed the prerequisites: The Bodysex Experience Course and an in-person Bodysex workshop with a certified Bodysex Leader

What’s included?

  • Six modules of online course content with curated videos, podcasts, and articles
  • Bodysex Basics by Carlin Ross and Betty Dodson a print copy will be mailed to you, digital copy available
  • Private forums for discussion and sharing with other program participants
  • Individual support through your first workshops
  • Bodysex Leader Zoom discussions with Carlin and Laura
  • A Bodysex Certification Workshop with Carlin and Laura
    (room cost and meals not included)

Program Goal

Participants will gain the information and skills needed to facilitate Bodysex Workshops and coach individual women using the Betty Dodson Method

Steps to Become a Bodysex Leader

All fees must be paid prior to your conversation with the Certification Approval Committee

Bodysex Leader Benefits

Upon certification, Bodysex Leaders . . .

Will receive a signed diploma for proof of certification

May use the trademarked terms “Bodysex®” and “Betty Dodson®” on your website, your branding, and in marketing

May use the Bodysex® cuntflower logo on your website, your branding, and in marketing

• May submit a profile picture and description to be displayed on homepage

• May submit your workshop dates to be listed on the calendar

• Have access to images of anatomy drawings, vulva sketches, and other related images for educational use in workshops, your website/blog, and social media

• Have access to all of the premium videos on behind the paywall to use in workshops

• May submit blog posts for publication on

• May purchase Magic Wands at wholesale rate through Vibratex, Inc. and Betty’s Barbells at wholesale rate

• May participate in Zoom Leader discussion sessions as desired

May participate in the Bodysex community of sex-positive women

Program Tuition

$6000 USD one-time payment


One $3000 USD downpayment + ten $420 USD payments (monthly)

Application link provided upon completion of The Bodysex Experience online course

Acceptance into The Bodysex Leadership Program is based on your participation in The Bodysex Experience course, the recommendation of your Bodysex Workshop facilitator, and your application essay

 Q & A’s

What is the total investment to be certified to lead Bodysex workshops?

The Bodysex Experience Online Course tuition $1000
Bodysex Workshop facilitated by a certified Leader price varies by facilitator
The Bodysex Leadership Program $6000
Room and food for the Bodysex Certification Workshop $1000+
Total Investment $8000

Not included in above costs:  books, in-person workshop cost with certified facilitator, travel expenses to in-person workshops, additional 20% fees if you choose a payment plan

How long will it take me to go through the entire certification process?
It usually takes at least one year to go through all of the steps in the process. Certification as a Bodysex Leader about personal growth and transformation as well as gaining knowledge and skills. The process takes time and is different for everyone. Although setting a personal deadline goal can be helpful motivation, we will determine when you are ready to be certified as a Bodysex Leader. 

Is there a time limit to complete The Bodysex Leadership Program?
Once you start the Bodysex Leadership Program, we encourage you complete certification within 18 months. You can take as much time as you need with the first step in the process, The Bodysex Experience course as well as taking a workshop with a certified practioner.

There are no certified Bodysex Leaders in my country and the cost to travel far for a workshop is too much. What can I do?
You can start by taking The Bodysex Experience online course. After you have completed the course, email Laura and Carlin and explain your difficulty in getting to a workshop. In rare situations, a virtual workshop may be allowed instead of in-person as your prerequisite. However, please know that it is still required to attend the certification workshop in person, no exceptions.

Do you offer scholarships for The Bodysex Leadership Program?
Not at this time. However, some Leaders have successfully crowdsourced funding for their certification fees and workshop equipment.

I’m already a professional sex therapist/sex educator/somatic practioner, etc. Can I skip parts of the process to become certified as a Bodysex Leader and hold workshops?
No. We want you to have all of the information so that you will be successful. Going through the entire program will strengthen the knowledge and skills that you already have plus build your confidence as a Bodysex practioner.


Do you have any other questions about
The Bodysex Leadership Program?

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