Betty Dodson and I launched this site in 2007 to promote the “Betty Dodson” method of self love and independent orgasm. All of our content is based on user-submitted questions collected over the last several decades. What is clear is that all women lack basic information about their bodies and the female model of sexual response.

Most recently, we appeared in Goop’s Netflix series – episode 3: The Pleasure is Ours. It was the last piece we filmed together and we knew it at the time. I will never forget watching the vulva pictures float across the screen and my orgasm with Betty by my side. We held hands in the theater exhilarated and humbled that we’d finally accomplished what we set out to do a decade before: the vulva was mainstream.

What a beautiful journey it has been and now I look forward to continuing the work in Betty’s name. Betty left the planet on 10/31/2020.

The Betty Dodson Foundation is a 501c3 public charity dedicated to creating and disseminating sex information and education materials to prepare individuals to thrive in their future careers and adult lives.