Individual Virtual Bodysex
with Carlin

Improve or connect with your orgasm

5 individual sessions

Tuition: $800 USD


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Connect with your body and your orgasm using the Bodysex Method with Carlin as your personal guide. She will coach you through the rituals including Vulva massage, Genital Show and Tell, plus Betty’s Rock and Roll Orgasm technique. Videos and podcasts will guide you through homework between your five 1-hour virtual sessions with Carlin.

You set the pace and schedule sessions when you’re ready. 

Who is this course for?

Women* who want to learn and practice with individual support

Women* who have never experienced an orgasm

Women* who want to reconnect with their orgasm after childbirth, menopause, surgery, illness, etc

Women* want to improve their orgasm


*This course is for any body with a vulva. All genders, identities, orientations, and ethnicities are welcome.
Due to explicit sexual content, you must be an adult age 18+.

What’s included?

  • Five individual 1-hour sessions with Carlin via Zoom
  • Homework between sessions to help you explore your body and develop your pleasure practice
  • Online content to support your practice including video, audio, articles,,drawings, photos, and anatomy diagrams
  • Links to suggested resources for exploring fantasy

We’ll spend 5 hours together.
You’ll spend additional time on your own.

Online content can be revisited to support your practice


You will gain a better understanding of your body and gain new techniques for self-pleasure

Our Sessions Together

Session One – Education: vulva styles, internal clitoris, vaginal penetration & pelvic floor muscle

Session Two – Genital Show and Tell Carlin will guide you as you view your vulva together

Session Three – The Rock n Roll Orgasm TechniqueCarlin will support and coach you as you practice

Session Four – How to use Fantasy to increase pleasure. This session may also be used for additional coaching

Session Five – Final check in discussion This session may also be used for additional coaching


$800 USD one-time payment

Questions? Email