Frances Welson

Holyoke, MA

I bring an eclectic child-of-the-sixties background to the Foundation Board. With a Bachelor’s degree in economics and an advanced degree in education, I have done community resource, organizing, women’s empowerment, and legal services work; fundraising; teaching and educational administration in public and alternative education and as a law school assistant dean; and, in partnership with my late husband, established a business providing design and installation of custom hardwood floors and founded a nonprofit bringing a modified, no-falls form of aikido to veterans with post-traumatic stress.

In November 2019, I found Bodysex and attended one of the last workshops with Betty and Carlin as part of my “it’s never too late”, slowly unfolding, challenging, exciting journey to understanding and being comfortable with my own sexuality, through recognizing and undoing the layers of guilt, shame, trauma, fear, and inadequacy that undermined it. My commitment to the work of the Foundation comes from a belief that empowering women to understand and take control of our sexuality also empowers us to take control of other aspects of our lives, many of which we were also taught are not ours to control, and to bring much-needed change to the world.