What is Bodysex?

Bodysex® is a practice designed by Betty Dodson® that supports women to connect to their bodies and orgasm to heal shame, enhance pleasure, and encourage self-love. 

Art by Betty Dodson
Art by Betty Dodson, Photo by DodsonandRoss.com
Bodysex® is based on Feminism’s Consciousness Raising model.  Back in the 1970’s, Feminism began as a movement with what they called consciousness raising groups.  Women would get together and speak first person about their experience.  What became clear was that women all had a shared experience of inequality, discrimination and sexual repression.  They weren’t alone.

Betty was in the same consciousness raising group as Gloria Steinem.  With Gloria’s encouragement, Betty signed on to lead “physical and sexual consciousness raising” groups which she later shortened to “Bodysex”.  Each of the rituals in her workshop was designed to support women to love their bodies and move fully into pleasure.

Genital Show & Tell. During one of Betty’s workshops, a woman shared that there was something “wrong” with her vulva – her husband had never seen asymmetrical labia like hers.  The group asked if they could see her vulva to see what she was talking about.  Before Betty knew it, the women were displaying their vulvas and each was different from the next.   More importantly, genital shame was blocking their orgasm.

This ritual is always a powerful moment even online.  Think about how many times we look at our faces but we never look at our sex organ.  To fully embrace pleasure, we must understand our basic anatomy, find the parts that bring us to orgasm, and claim our body for our own pleasure.

Clients are guided as they identify their clitoris, clitoral shaft, inner and outer labia, pelvic floor muscle, urethral sponge (the g-spot), and finally chose a name for their vulva.  When we view, touch, and name our sex organ, we take ownership of our body.  Pleasure exists for you and those you choose to share it with….period.

Art by Betty Dodson
Art by Betty Dodson
Betty’s Rock n Roll Orgasm Technique.  Betty had a celibate period where she would self-pleasure for hours trying different techniques while watching herself in the mirror.  She learned how to build more energy behind her orgasm so that she felt more intensity, more of a release in a position that would work during partner sex.

The Rock n Roll Orgasm technique is the foundation of what we call the combination orgasm: clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration.  Clients learn how to stimulate their sex organ, engage their pelvic floor muscle and move energy through their body to achieve their first orgasm or enhance their current orgasm.

Sexual Fantasy.  Womankind is so repressed that we never have the time and space to develop our fantasies.  We have a complicated sex organ and a complicated mind.  When we can engage our mind with a fantasy, it helps us connect and stay with our body so that we can achieve orgasm and deepen our experience of pleasure.

There are so many wonderful resources that can help us “stay with it”.  Clients interact with different sources of erotica and discuss which is most appealing – a process of elimination to better understand how you’re wired sexually and what inspires you.  Audio erotica, visual erotic, written erotica, mirror work, and sensate focus are all options.

All these rituals are learned in an environment of compassion and support.  We have the most sophisticated sex organ on the planet capable of endless pleasure. All women can orgasm.  The clitoris is evergreen – it never ages – you can have orgasms until the day you die.  It’s never too late to begin.


Bodysex® is simply a process of self-knowledge.  There is no failure.  We pull back the layers of shame, guilt, misinformation and trauma to reveal your true sexual self.   

Art by Betty Dodson