Bodysex Erotic Selflove Night with Anna

Bodysex Erotic Selflove Night with Anna

This evening is a gift to yourself with 3 hours of pure pleasure for you experiencing bliss, ecstasy  and self-love. Finally, we will do a divine group massage, which is an exercise in non – sexual touch. Consensual touch heals and grounds us.

Group dynamics are our guide in this process and personal choice is the first step in increasing our own pleasure. We will share some information through practical demonstrations, observations, experiences and fantasies. The advanced workshop is for bodysex sisters and people with vulvas, who have already attended a bodysex workshop. This evening opens a sex-positive space for sensual exploration of our pleasure.

Women and people with vulvas have the most sophisticated sexual organ in the world, capable of endless pleasure. The clitoris never ages and you can have orgasms until the end of your life. It’s never too late to start. 

See you there,
Titel: Bodysex Erotic Selflove Night
Organizer: Anna Scheer
Date and Time: 26. August 2022, 7.30- 10.30pm (CEST), Vienna
Location: Schwelle Vienna
Price: 59€
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