Women´s Pleasure Retreat in Tenerife with Anna and Céline

Women´s Pleasure Retreat in Tenerife with Anna and Céline

Do you want to step into your sexual power and open up to an orgasmic and fulfilled life? Come and join us for our Women’s Pleasure Retreats in 2023! You will experience the Bodysex® method created by Dr. Betty Dodson®.

This retreat takes place in the sub-tropical lush green surroundings of the southers part of Tenerife, hosted by Anna Scheer & Celine Manon who are certified and experienced Bodysex® practitioners.

We explore pleasure through self-love, touch, art, food and nature. Together we create a community that celebrates the pleasures of life. You are welcome into this circle of pleasure seekers, if you are a vulva-owner and identify as a woman or non-binary. We will do our best that everyone feels welcome, safe and supported. You are welcome no matter your sex at birth, age, sexual orientation, race, or country of origin.

6 days of practicing selfcare rituals, the Bodysex® method, embodied meditation and giong for excursions in-midst of the astonishing vulcanic landscapes of the canaries. Plus meeting your tribe of like-minded women, a community that shares the pleasures of life.

Your Benefits:
  • Connect to your authentic sexual nature and discover what feels best to you
  • Re-discover your body after feeling disconnected and numb
  • Find pleasure in your life through embodied self-love practices
  • Refresh your spiritual and emotional well-being
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • A place where you can feel safe and take care for your personal growth

Price includes accomodation, brunch, dinner, snacks, Tolteca sweat lodge and a Bodysex® workshop:

  • Mongolian Yurts – Shared rooms
    Price 1349,00 €
  • Patio House – Private Rooms
    Price 1649,00 €
  • Paloma House – Private Apartment
    1999,00 €
  • Casa Arona – Luxurious Private Room
    Price 2149,00 €
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We look forward to welcoming you to our circle!
For more information get in touch, so we can make answer any questions and make your personal booking.
Email: hello@annascheer.com or celine@memamo-coaching.com
Anna Scheer & Céline Manon

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