Bodysex Professional Standards and Code of Ethics

1. A facilitator will practice regular self-care and self-pleasure and will engage in continued personal growth and professional learning.

2. A facilitator is in a position of trust and their focus must be on the participants’ well-being. Facilitators are aware that participants will naturally view them in a leadership role, although all are equal in the circle. Facilitators are aware of the potential power dynamic with participants and will take precautions against crossing healthy boundaries.

3. A facilitator is aware of the potential of sexual attraction between the participant and facilitator, as well as between participants.
• The focus of the workshop is on independent self-pleasure. We are together, but alone in giving ourselves pleasure.
• Any touch between participants in the workshop is nonsexual (for example hugs, group massage, etc.).
• A facilitator may offer intimate one-way touch only for the purpose of support and education and with the consent of the participant.
• A facilitator will not become a sexual partner with any participant during the workshop or within six months after the workshop.

4. A facilitator will value the importance of consent during a workshop.
• Before the workshop, facilitators will make participants aware of the basic rituals and activities that will take place during the workshop.
• While informed consent is implied when participants register and arrive for the workshop, a participant may withdraw consent during the workshop at any time. Sometimes participants are not ready and they are always free to leave.
• Facilitators will pay attention to any body language that might indicate a participant’s non-consent.
• No means no. Facilitators will not try to convince or coerce a participant into participation in any activity or ritual.

5. A facilitator keeps participants’ personal information confidential.
• What happens in the circle stays in the circle.
• Pictures are taken only by the facilitator and/or assistant with consent of the participants. Do not share photos or post pictures publicly without consent.
• Facilitators seek consent when sharing workshop participants’ contact information with others in that workshop.
• Facilitators can speak in general terms about participants without defining personal information.

6. A facilitator holds a comfortable and supportive space for the workshop.
• If the workshop is in person: the physical space for the workshop is clean and beautiful. There is a place for each participants’ belongings. There is carpeting or a mat and a towel for each woman to sit upon. The room temperature is warm.
• For group in-person workshops: all participants, including the facilitator, are nude (socks are permitted).
• For group virtual workshops: the facilitator may designate whether all participants are nude or clothed for the entire workshop.
• For individual in-person and virtual workshops: the facilitator remains fully clothed, and the participant is nude from the waist down, unless the participant chooses to wear less clothing.
• All participants are encouraged to be present in the moment while in the circle. Phones are set on silent and left with personal belongings. Notetaking while in the circle is not recommended.

7. A facilitator and participants will not participate in a workshop while under the influence of alcohol, THC, non-prescription drugs, herbs, or any other intoxicant. Pleasure and orgasm are the highs of Bodysex.

8. A facilitator and participants share their own experiences and opinions in the first person during discussions. Every participant has an opportunity to share. No single participant dominates the discussion or time.

9. A facilitator will support the Bodysex Philosophy and Core Beliefs.

10. Humor is one of our greatest tools as a facilitator. “How I work with individuals and groups, I get them to laugh. It breaks down the linear shit. It doesn’t have to be that serious.” – Betty Dodson

Art by Betty Dodson®