Bodysex Certification

“The goal of our certification program is to train women in the Betty Dodson method of selflove and independent orgasm so that the work expands to every country around the world. The goal is sexual equality for all women – a feminist aspiration.”   ~ Carlin Ross

Learn about Bodysex and yourself
The first step before the Leadership Program

Tuition: $1000

To register, email

Course Includes

Online Course with video, podcasts, and articles organized into 12 Learning Modules

Five book reading list

Private Forums

Journal Writing Prompts

Monthly Zoom discussion group with Carlin and Laura





Benefits upon course completion

Certification as a Bodysex Assoicate

Lifetime membership in the Bodysex Sisterhood

Priority Registration for workshops with Carlin and Laura

A lifetime premium video subscription on ($75)

Lifetime access to course materials (including updates), forums, and monthly meetings


Course Tuition

$1000 USD (one-time payment)


Four $300 USD monthly payments


Develop skills to facilitate Bodysex Workshops

Tuition: $6000

Application link provided upon completion of The Bodysex Experience course

Program Includes

Online Course with video, podcasts, and articles plus Bodysex Basics book

Private Forums

Journal Writing Prompts

Mentorship with a certified Bodysex Leader

5-day in-person certification workshop with Carlin and Laura (room and food cost additional)



The Bodysex Experience Course

An in-person Bodysex Workshop facilitated by any certified Bodysex Leader (cost varies)



Benefits upon program completion

Certification as a Bodysex Leader

Approval to facilitate Bodysex workshops

May use the trademarked terms “Bodysex®” and “Betty Dodson®” on your website, your branding, and in marketing

May submit a profile picture and description to be displayed on homepage and list your workshops and events

And much more . . .


Program Tuition

$6000 USD (one-time payment)


One $3000 USD downpayment + ten $420 USD payments (monthly)


To register for The Bodysex Experience course,

The application link for The Bodysex Leadership Program is provided upon completion of The Bodysex Experience Course

Have questions? Here are some answers

What is the difference between The Bodysex Experience course and The Bodysex Leadership Program?
The Bodysex Experience course provides comprehensive knowledge about Betty Dodson, Bodysex, and sexuality through the lens of Betty’s philosophy. The Bodysex Leadership Program focuses on developing the skills needed to facilitate a Bodysex Workshop and individually coach women using the Betty Dodson Method.

Can I hold a Bodysex workshop after finishing The Bodysex Experience Course?
No. You will need to complete The Bodysex Leadership Program to gain the skills needed to successfully be able to hold the space and support other women in a Bodysex workshop. Only fully certified Bodysex Leaders are sanctioned to hold workshops.

I chose a tuition payment plan. What happens if I miss a payment?
Two weeks after a missed payment, we reserve the right to temporaily suspend your access to the online course and Zoom meetings until your payment is received. If you have not made a payment for six months or more, we reserve the right to remove you from the course. To be re-enrolled in the course after six months and before 12 months after your last payment, the balance of your amount due must be paid in full. If no payments have been made for 12 months, we reserve the right to deny enrollment in the course and without refund of prior payments.


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Bodysex Certification?

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