Bodysex Certification

Become a Bodysex® Leader.
Facilitate workshops. Coach women.

“Know that Bodysex® certification is more than just a program – it’s a personal journey. With each circle and client, you will grow and become a better version of yourself.”

~ Carlin Ross

Bodysex® Certification Benefits include . . .

  • the ability to lead your own Bodysex® Workshops and coach individual clients
  • a signed diploma
  • permission to use trademarked terms
  • your information and events posted on
  • access to high resolution diagrams, drawings, and photos for use in your work
  • and more

Basic Steps for Certification

  • Participate in a regular Bodysex® Workshop from any facilitator (cost varies)  In-person or virtual
  • Submit your application to the Certification Program ($500)
  • Write your sex essay
  • Participate in a Certification Bodysex® Workshop (cost varies)
  • Study the curriculum
    Recommended books, podcasts, videos
  • Participate in the Study Group ($1500)
    Two sessions every month to support your personal journey and study of the curriculum
  • Subscribe to premium video ($1000)
    Previously sold on DVD plus vintage Betty video
  • Write your thesis
    It’s just a long essay
  • Meeting with the Betty A. Dodson Foundation Board
    We’ll discuss your thesis and plans as a Bodysex leader
  • Cost: $3000 (application, Study Group, video subscription) + cost of two Bodysex® workshops (regular and certification) + cost of books and any other study materials

Ready for the next step in your journey to become a certified Bodysex leader?

Step one: Take a Bodysex® workshop, in person or virtual, with any certified Bodysex® Leader

Step two: Submit your application to the Betty A. Dodson Foundation Board

Fee for application: $500
This amount goes toward your $3000 certification fee
You’ll recieve a link to the online application after your payment

Step three: We may ask you for an informal interview via Zoom. We just want to get to know you better.

Step four: You will be notified via email of your acceptance into the Bodysex® Certification program or be given an explanation of nonacceptance.

Application Fee $500

You’ll receive link to online application after payment

Not ready to apply, but interested? Start studying the curriculum . . .


 about the Bodysex Certification Program?




Links to Pay Certification Fees

Application Fee $500

You’ll receive link to online application after payment

Study Group Fee $1500

For women accepted into the certification program

Premium Video Fee $1000

For women accepted into the certification program

Choose Bodysex Leader

If a payment plan is needed to participate in the Study Group and/or to subscribe to the Premium Video, please email your preferred payment plan to for consideration

Payment of all fees above (total $3000) is expected before a certification diploma is issued and a profile is listed on