Women’s Pleasure Retreat with Anna and Céline

13-16 April 2023 in Traunstein, Germany

with Anna Scheer & Céline Manon

Do you want to step into your sexual power and open up to an orgasmic and fulfilled life? Come and join us for our Women’s Pleasure Retreats in 2023! You will experience the Bodysex® method created by Dr. Betty Dodson®.

We explore pleasure through self-love, touch, art, food and nature. Together we create a community that celebrates the pleasures of life. You are welcome into this circle of pleasure seekers, if you are a vulva-owner and identify as a woman or non-binary. We will do our best that everyone feels welcome, safe and supported. You are welcome no matter your sex at birth, age, sexual orientation, race, or country of origin.


4 days retreat with a stay at the QC Quartier Chiemsee Hotel

The Bodysex®️ workshop and the food prepared by the vegan Chef Pink Deli:
790 €

The accommodation is:
375 € for a room with balcony
345 € for a room without balcony

Makes a total of:
1132 € for the Bodysex®️ Workshop + Food + accommodation
1162 € for the room with balcony

Included in the price:
The Bodysex® sessions
Vegan catering by Pink Deli
Sensual Almond Oil

Your Benefits:
  • Connect to your authentic sexual nature and discover what feels best to you
  • Re-discover your body after feeling disconnected and numb
  • Find pleasure in your life through embodied self-love practices
  • Refresh your spiritual and emotional well-being
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • A place where you can feel safe and take care for your personal growth


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Immerse yourself in an orgasmic and transformative experience in the scenic beauty of Lake Chiemsee.
It is the second largest lake in Germany and is rightly called the ‚Bavarian Sea‘.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will experience 3 nights and 4 days of peace, relaxation, and recreation at the hotel QC Quatier Chiemsee and at the beautiful workshop space at our Memamo Home.

Imagine a landscape that was formed by glaciers.

Natural forces created the lakes, rivers, lush green hills and valleys of the Chiemgau.
Situated right between Munich and Salzburg our retreat center is easily accessible and yet immersed in the pristine prealpine lands.
The lakeside hotel in Seebruck is a place of relaxation and recreation.

Your Friday evening will be free so you can enjoy the lake and a delicious dinner (fees not included).


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