Bodysex Workshop with Morgan

My next workshop is Feb 16-18, 2024. 
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 
Friday, Feb 16: 6pm-9pm (meet and greet, at my apt. in Soho)
Saturday, Feb 17: 2pm-10pm 
Sunday, Feb 18: 11am – 7pm
Price: $1500 
  • Betty Dodson’s® Workshop including Pleasure Anatomy, Genital Show & Tell, Rock ‘n Roll Masturbation Techniques, Erotic Recess, Laying on of Hands. 
  • 2 Yoga sessions designed to be accessible to all, focused on pleasure chakras. 
  • 2 vegetarian or vegan meals. Healthy snacks and beverages available throughout.
  • Gift bag with Betty’s barbell, magic wand, Sex for One and Sex by Design. 
Participants can see more info on my website here:
Participants can book through my website here: They’ll see the listing right at the top of the scheduling system. 
Sample Schedule:
Friday Evening
Welcome & Intros at your host’s apt.
Opening Circle
Betty’s Story
Carlin & the BAD Board
Day 2 – Saturday
Opening Circle
Pleasure Anatomy
Genital Show & Tell
Yoga and ’Vulva Nidra’
Vulva Massage 
Rock ‘n Roll Education & Practice
Day 3 – Sunday
Opening Circle
Orgasm Education
Masturbation Techniques
Erotic Recess
Laying on of Hands
Closing Circle
Does not include: accommodations. 
Here is a link to the space that we’ll have for the weekend: Peerspace

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