Carlin Ross

I started my career in law and resisted going into “sex” until I was 32 and my intention to create a lifestyle brand for women put me on the front page of the NY Times.

It was no accident that I ended up at Betty Dodson’s door to interview her about the current state of feminism and women’s sexuality.  Our connection was instantaneous.

It’s been ten years and I can’t imagine who I would have been had it not been for Betty and Bodysex.  She has been mother to us all. Welcome to  We hope to read your comments and maybe see you in one of our Bodysex circles.

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Carlin is the chairperson of the Betty A. Dodson Foundation Board of Directors.

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Bodysex Takes Everything You Have

Bodysex Takes Everything You Have

As we planned our last Bodysex retreat, I signed the largest deal of my life.  It felt just like Goop: I was profoundly uncomfortable, second-guessing everything yet clear that I would move forward.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to represent Betty’s message of...