February Blog Posts: Selflove

February Blog Posts: Selflove

Published February 12, 2024

For Valentine’s Day, our coaches wrote about how we learned to love ourselves.

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Imperfect and Worthy of Love

Deep down, I knew that my body was unlovable and so was I. I could never be good enough for love.
by Laura Bogush

The Power of Pleasure: Establishing Self-Love Through Masturbation

I did everything I could at different intervals in my life to mute my body for others.
by Lakota Fradette

My Self-Love Aroma

I took his hand again, closed my eyes, and deeply inhaled my vulva scent.
by Tosh Patterson

Uncovering the true, authentic version of myself I had buried deep inside

I had never put my hands on my body, skin to skin.
by Lisa Kan

A Symbol of My Self-Love

I hadn’t noticed that I’d pitted my desire to be a mother against my queerness.
by Emily Iverson

Loving Myself v1

I wanted true intimacy with more than one person.  I wanted more love in my life, not just more sex.
by Jennifer Rahner

A Quiet Power That Says It All

I learned that letting my armor down does not mean I am weak, but, in fact, states the exact opposite.
by Jessica Adams

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